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Video: Faculty Speak Out Against Cuts That Hurt Our Community

Nassau Community College faculty present this video in protest of budget cuts that include reduction in full-time faculty lines. Nassau Community College has been called the “Gem of Nassau County” and is considered one of the best community colleges in the country. However, today faculty are concerned about budgetary cuts that compromise the quality of education at the college. At the end of the Spring 2011, President Astrab announced that over sixty full time faculty lines would be cut. While some lines have been restored, these cuts, along with larger class sizes and discontinuation of service, threaten the quality education at NCC. With larger classes and fewer resources, Nassau Community College faculty are concerned that the high quality education at a reasonable cost to Nassau County residents will be compromised severely.

Much of the footage in this video was shot at the second of a series of rallies being held on campus. Join us for a third on August 17 between noon and 2pm. The exact location will be announced early next week.