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Full Time Line Update

On May 12, 2011 President Astrab notified the Department Chairs that all faculty on temporary lines would be terminated, and that if the budget situation changed lines would be restored according to the strategic plan.

The NCCFT Executive Committee has been hard at work advocating for the restoration of lines. Since May 12, we can report the following:

13 lines have been retained in academic departments. Of these, 4 are replacing faculty on leave to join the administration; 5 were renewed based on information submitted through Pegasus; 4 lines are those held by faculty members who had probationary TA positions from which they were on leave to take temporary classroom instructor positions; 3 are Professional Faculty Unit positions.

It is important  to emphasize that these numbers have been confirmed verbally but not in writing. We have requested written confirmation of all restored lines. We will continue to keep you updated.