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3 More Lines

After a number of meetings and conversations with Dr. Astrab this week, we can confirm that three additional lines have been retained. These decisions are being made following the College’s Strategic Plan. We expect to have more information next week.

We will continue to keep you informed. There is still much work to be done, so we urge you to participate in the many upcoming events we’ve already announced:

1. The Board of Trustees meets on Wednesday, June 8. Please contact the NCCFT office if you are interested in speaking. Attending to support those who speak is also a valuable way to participate.

2. We have announced two Mobilization and Outreach workshops, one during a morning time slot (June 7, 10am-noon) and one during an afternoon (June 21, 2pm-4pm). We hope to include as many people as possible that way. For more information or to RSVP please contact the NCCFT office.

3. We have initiated an off-campus listserv for representatives to the Executive Board and for Committee Chairs. Please stay in touch with your department representatives so that they can share your concerns. We plan to create a separate listserv soon for members who want to participate in these discussions. Your department representatives will be in touch with you when that has been constructed.