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The NCCFT hears its members loud and clear, and we are working on a new communication system. We also understand that you want to know what’s in the works even before final details are available. So, with that in mind, we’re announcing two upcoming mobilization efforts, with more details to follow.
First, the next meeting of the Board of Trustees is in early June. Tentatively the date is scheduled for Wednesday evening, June 8th. We will send finalized date and time info when we have it. What we need is a strong showing of faculty, and we need people who are willing to speak about the impact that the current budget shortfall will have on our capacity to serve students. If you plan to attend please email us at nccft@ncc.edu, and please let us know also if you are able and willing to speak.

Second, in place of our June NCCFT Department Representative training we are planning a Mobilization and Community Relations strategy session. We do not yet have a date but this will take place in early June. Please send an email to nccft@ncc.edu if you are interested in attending.

We are grateful for the increased communication among our members, and between membership and the Executive Committee. We are rapidly working to put in place a communication system that will facilitate those discussions, but we encourage you to continue your intradepartmental conversations.