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9 Lines Restored. Union Fights For More.

Last week, after the announcement at a Chairs Committee meeting that the administration would be firing 66 faculty on temporary lines, the NCCFT immediately began fighting to have those lines restored. Our first action was to send a letter to Dr. Astrab reminding him that four of those temporary lines were part of a Memorandum of Agreement with the NCCFT that he signed, guaranteeing temporary lines to fill the vacancies left by faculty who took leaves of absence to join the administration.

We have learned that those lines, along with five others around the campus, have been restored. We are working nonstop to restore as many lines as possible and will keep you all informed about our progress.

Meanwhile, we are counting on each of you to continue your vocal support of your colleagues, and of your union.

Tonight is a night we celebrate those students we’ve worked so hard to teach and to guide and we are proud to share their graduation with them. At the same time we are saddened and angry that many of those whose teaching and support were essential to our students successes have been dismissed. We will remember their contributions tonight and continue to fight for their jobs.