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Educate Realtors: Tax Caps Hurt Schools

We recently hosted a workshop on taking back the narrative. Claudia Schacter-DeChabert, our NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist led the training. Here’s an opportunity to put some of those skills to work.

In response to a new advertising campaign launched by the New York State Association of Realtors to build support for a property tax cap, NYSUT has posted a sample letter for members to send to realtors in their communities. The message counters the state realtors association’s claim that high property taxes are depressing the housing market in New York. In fact, research shows good schools are one of the biggest factors cited by buyers when they decide to buy.

Send letters to the realtors in your community. Help them understand the real issue: Good schools require adequate funding. Taxes are the source of that funding. Tax caps are bad for schools.