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AFT Says Support "Keep Our Educators Working"

Yesterday we reported that almost all of the school budgets on Long Island passed, but that doesn’t mean that teachers and schools are out of the woods. Listen to this Poughkeepsie teacher describe the situation in her district then read the call to action by AFT and please click the link to contact your representative. The “Keep Our Educators Working” funds will help higher education as well as primary and secondary education, and we all know how urgently we need the additional funding.

From the AFT e-Activist Network:

The U.S. House of Representatives is about to consider an emergency supplemental spending bill, and representatives are debating whether to include funds to save education jobs and maintain high-quality programs for our students. House leaders need to know that including these funds is a priority for rank and file members of Congress and their constituents.

This aid would:

  • Help school districts avert educator layoffs in the upcoming school year;
  • Enable districts to continue to implement positive programs to help ensure all students receive the great education they deserve; and
  • Restore previously cut funding for postsecondary education in order to retain or create jobs for higher education faculty and staff.

With as many as 300,000 education jobs on the line, now is the time to send a letter to your representative. Ask him or her to stand up for the thousands of educators around the country who are on the verge of losing their jobs.

Our students deserve better. They need their educators in their classrooms, not in unemployment lines.

In unity,


Click here and tell your representative how important properly funded public education is to you.