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Monday Morning Music – Pete Seeger: Which Side Are You On?

By way of Audrey, our amazing office manager, a labor classic – Pete Seeger singing “Which Side Are You On?” I couldn’t find a video that showed Pete Seeger himself, but there were two that included interesting slide shows and this one had more recent labor and activist mobilizations so I chose it over the other. In light of the recent mine disasters and the speech by Cecil Roberts this song seemed particularly appropriate.

Audrey says:

My friend’s (Arlene) dad, Larry Birch, was the Business Agent for Local #32 Corset & Brassiere Workers for ILGWU many, many years ago.  Arlene is a wealth of knowledge on songs – wants to sing them all to me since I asked for a suggestion.

And as a bonus track, thanks to Arlene’s recommendations, here is Natalie Merchant performing the same song. The video quality isn’t so great but the music is lovely.

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