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Monday Morning Music: "Lady Be Good" performed by Regina Carter

This morning’s selection was requested by Barbara Barnard from the English Department. Enjoy some lively jazz violin as Regina Carter and the Ray Brown Trio performs “Lady Be Good” – which does not seem to have anything at all to do with normative expectations of women’s behavior!

Barbara writes:

If you know Regina Carter’s music, then you know that she has produced many songs that make great morning listening on any day of the week. I wanted to put up her song “New York Attitude” from her album Rhythms of the Heart (1999), but I couldn’t find a full-length version of it online (clips cut off before her stupendous solo in the middle). However, while searching YouTube, I found this wonderful video of Regina Carter featuring with the Ray Brown Trio (from Ray Brown’s 75th Birthday Concert, 2001); they’re doing “Lady Be Good.” If you’re a Regina Carter fan, you probably know that she’s bringing out a new album next month entitled Reverse Thread. She received a McArthur Foundation Grant to create the new album, and she traveled in Africa, collecting folk music, which she’s produced in collaboration with African musicians/griots but which has the uniquely sparkling, witty stamp of Regina Carter’s genius on it no doubt. can’t wait to hear it. I’m having trouble, however, articulating what all of this has to do with labor issues (Regina is from Detroit; does that count?), but I can tell you that when I have to labor long at my desk, Regina Carter is good company. Her music feeds my energy and does not distract from the task at hand (not too much). I hope you enjoy “Lady Be Good.”

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am definitely enjoying the expanding of my musical horizons and the new energy infusing my Monday mornings!

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