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Monday Morning Music: Hurt – Nine Inch Nails (and also Johnny Cash)

This request comes from Thomas Bruckner in the Physical Sciences department. He forwarded two videos along with the following explanation:

The first Link is for the 1994 original version performed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.  It’s a very emotional song about his battle with heroin addiction.
In 2002, right before his death, Johnny Cash covered the song and performed it in a drastically different way.  While Reznor’s had feeling of despair, Cash’s version had more of a feeling of regret.

I very much enjoy both versions. It amazes me that the same lyrics can have 2 very different meanings depending on interpretation and performance.

Below is the link to an interview with Trent Reznor about Cash covering a very personal song of his:

In another interview, Reznor comments that “Hurt” is now longer his song. Cash owns it now.

Here is Trent Reznor and NIN performing Hurt, live, in 1994 (music video is copyright 2002):

And here is the Johnny Cash version:

After putting in his request Thomas asked me if I thought the song was too depressing for Monday Morning Music. It is not the intent here to say that the music all has to be of a particular sort, and besides, reflections on pain and struggle make up the backbone of many labor songs as well. Imagine if individuals struggling with addiction could feel the power of an organized movement helping them overcome. Reach out to someone who you know is struggling and show them the power of empathy and solidarity.

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