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Monday Morning Music: The Mary Ellen Carter

Maybe it’s because some of us have been on break, but I didn’t get a request to put up for today’s Monday Morning Music, so that means you get to hear another of my own selections. (That’ll teach you not to place requests!)

This song popped into my mind while I was walking yesterday morning. It’s an old favorite of mine and while I’m not a religious person,  I couldn’t fail to notice the not-so-subtle parallel to the religious themes of escaping death and of resurrection. I also thought about the challenges facing the college and the strength of those of us who love it and want to see it through its crisis. So for those reasons I give you this Monday “The Mary Ellen Carter,” a Stan Rogers song performed by Liam Clancy. This particular version comes with a bit more than a minute of introduction by Liam Clancy and if you feel like skipping it fast forward to 1:18 and you’ll get the music.

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-Elizabeth Wood, your treasurer and Monday Morning DJ.