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Call To Action

An active union membership is fundamental to our mission in education, and at times that will require asking our members to show their support for our work. The articles below are mission critical requests that the NCCFT leadership solicits member action for. Please monitor this page frequently for calls to action on behalf of the NCCFT and our work at Nassau Community College.

For NYSUT calls to action, please visit the NYSUT Member Action Center!

Call to Action
The Executive Committee

A Model Letter asking Interim President Conzatti NOT to Enact Pay Reductions

To:  Maria.Conzatti@ncc.edu; BoardOfTrustees@ncc.edu CC: hkopel@nassaucountyny.gov; dford@nassaucountyny.gov; kabrahams@nassaucountyny.gov; sbynoe@nassaucountyny.gov; csolages@nassaucountyny.gov; DMule@nassaucountyny.gov; Wgaylor@nassaucountyny.gov; JGiuffre@nassaucountyny.gov; MPilip@nassaucountyny.gov; Dwhitton@nassaucountyny.gov; jkennedy@nassaucountyny.gov; TMcKevitt@nassaucountyny.gov; lschaefer@nassaucountyny.gov; Jferretti@nassaucountyny.gov; ADrucker@nassaucountyny.gov; Rwalker@nassaucountyny.gov; JLafazan@nassaucountyny.gov; RNicolello@nassaucountyny.gov; MGiangregorio@nassaucountyny.gov Subject:  A “pay cut” of NCC faculty

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