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Planning your Talk to the Board of Trustees and/or Nassau County Legislature

We hope all departments and programs are planning to present to the Board of Trustees and at one of the monthly meetings of the full Nassau County legislature. We hope to have a great attendance, of speakers and simply attendees, at the Dec. 13 meeting of the Board of Trustees, and at the next February meeting of the entire Nassau County legislature.

What to say:  Focus on your department’s achievements (grants, illustrious alumni, excellent student support, student/ alumni accomplishments, etc.) as well as the academic initiatives that need funding to meet the needs of students or/and the County.  What kind of enrollment does the department expect the initiative would have? That is great to include.  Are students currently unable to get into classes due to lack of full-time faculty or other issues? If so, include that. Did enrollment fall when release time for recruitment fell or due to other policy decisions?  

An extensive list of academic initiatives (encompassing most departments) is in the NCCFT blog post, “The NCCFT Strategic Initiative Supplemental Budget Proposal.” Most of the initiatives are based on previous NCC Strategic Plans. (If you see something to amend or add in your department, let us know please.)

Faculty may want to emphasize that NCC has not had an increase in its operational budget for 15 years; we need to hire full-time faculty to maintain programming, as well as to expand/ develop new programming to meet the County’s needs. Faculty may find it helpful to listen to speeches by faculty at the Sept 19 Nassau County legislative meeting; a video is included in that blog post linked here

At both meetings, there is a 3-minute limit on speeches, but people should not feel that they need to use up their entire 3 minutes. 

Where to go for the Nassau County Legislature:   The Nassau County Legislature meets in the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building at 1550 Franklin Ave in Mineola. Once inside, go to the Legislative Hall.  Friendly guards will direct you.  (Parking is available, and the building is close to the train station.) 

When to arrive for the Nassau County Legislature:  People need to arrive a bit before 1:00 on Monday Oct. 24. On entering the Legislative Hall, expect to fill out a card with your name and address and give it to the clerk or put it in a box at the front for public comments. Public comments are held towards the beginning of the meeting, before the agenda. It is not necessary to stay until the end of the meeting. (Sitting near the side aisles will make it easier to slide out.)

Where to go for the NCC Board of Trustees:  If you wish to speak at meetings of the Board of Trustees, you will need to tell Anne Brandi, Assistant to the President, in advance by email; she sends all faculty an email.  (If you let the NCCFT know in advance, we can try to craft a “story” or an otherwise effective order of presentations to request.)  Face-to-face meetings are held in the 11th floor of the Tower. Committee sessions generally begin at 6:15 and public sessions, when faculty or students or parents or . . can speak, begin at about 7:15.  Even if you don’t speak, it is good to go to show that you care.  

Thank you for doing this!  Nassau County needs to be reminded of how NCC benefits the County culturally and economically – and needs to know why our operational budget needs a raise. There are several new Trustees on the Board of Trustees, and they need to hear faculty perspectives.

Finally, feel free to send us an email that you are going; we appreciate it as it is helpful to know for our planning. You can contact us at communications@nccft.org.

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