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The #nccfor2023 Campaign Continues!

We are continuing our #nccfor2023 campaign!  Let’s make this campaign a real community coalition with students, faculty, and community groups working together to make NCC stronger—more accessible, affordable, and expanding its academic programming.

We will ask the NCC administration and Board of Trustees to submit a critical supplemental budget request to the Nassau County legislature.

WHY?    Because. . .

  • This June, the College once again failed to request an increase in operational funding from the County in its budget request. NCC is going into year 15 of no increase from the county.

  • The approved 2023 budget includes a whopping 26% increase in spending on administration, and 1,000% increase in contractual spending, but almost nothing to support instruction and student services.

  • Established and new academic programs have been unable to hire to expand programming or replace retirees.  We presented some of our departments’ initiatives that need funding, including workplace initiatives, at the Nassau County Legislature meeting on Monday, Sept. 19. 

We can’t succeed  without your involvement:

  • Faculty, let us know if we can place a flyer on your office door so that students can request information!  Join us in presenting the achievements of your talented faculty — and the funding needs of your department!  Consider how to share the good news — and needs — of NCC in Nassau County as a resident. (Contact us at communications@nccft.org; let’s strategize!)

If you did not sign our change.org petition in the spring, please do! We have over 700 signatures at this writing…help us get to 1,000!  Tweet, post, and share it!!  Go to:  change.org/launch23for2023   (No donation is necessary.)

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