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Help Build the June 27 #NCCfor2023 Rally!

Help build our rally to encourage NCC’s Board of Trustees and the College administration to submit a new 2023 operating budget proposal to the county legislature, one that includes the program hires and financial support needed to preserve and grow NCC.

We are also asking Nassau County legislators to kindly request such a revision if necessary. We know that many in the legislature would like to approve a sturdier operating budget––one that builds instead of hobbles and shrinks the college, but the legislature needs the College to ask for this in its budget proposal

We hope that 150 members—about one third of our union membership—can attend the rally to make the need for more operational funding for NCC heard in Nassau County. Consider it an investment in the college’s future —and in your departments too. 

Ways to help build the rally: 

  • Volunteer to call faculty in your department to ask if they can attend the June 27 rally.  Explain why the rally is important.  Try to get a commitment (and report back) so we know how many to expect.
  • Volunteer to bring 5 people to the rally (maybe help organize carpools to the rally?)  
  • Make posters (invite members of your department to a poster-making party?)  Consider focusing on the funding needs of your department!
  • Volunteer to tweet and post in social media about the campaign and June 27 rally.  
  • Are you in touch with retirees? graduates? student club leaders?  Tell them about the rally!
  • And, of course, be there!!

Click on this link and sign our petition; then share it with friends and acquaintances —especially if you live in Nassau County!  

  https://www.change.org/launch23for2023. (No Donation Required.)

If you don’t have time to organize, we understand, but please come to the June 27 Rally!  (Letting us know you will come will help with planning!)

Please RSVP to Sec. Suzanne Kaebnick at  Suzanne.kaebnick@gmail.com or nccftcommunications@gmail.com.  

Where and when and how long is the rally?   The rally will be on Monday, June 27, at 3:30 p.m. in front of the Nassau County Legislature, on 1550 Franklin Ave in Mineola. For those of you in NYC or eastern Long Island that don’t want to use gas, this is a walkable distance, 4 min, from the Mineola train station. 

After the rally, NCCFT officers will be going to a  restaurant, The Davenport Press, also only a very short walk away, and we would love it if you would join us for conversation and post-rally unwinding there! (Don’t forget cash or plastic for your preferred drinks!)

If you would like to wear a new union T-shirt to the rally, you can pick one up in the union office, Mon-Thurs, 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.

Finally, a big thanks to those of you who attended our May 23 rally!  And a HUGE THANKS to Deirdre O’Connor of Communications who provided videography services for May 23, to Richard Ginsburg of Theatre who provided help with the creation of banners, and Jason Gorman of Art who helped with creation of our pencil rocket and posters—all gratis.

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