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NCC in Crisis: We Need More State Funding

After a decade of New York state disinvestment in higher education, our College infrastructure–from faculty lines, to building repair—is feeling the pain. The drop in enrollment from COVID over the past two years adds to the crisis.  It is imperative that our state legislators hear from us — and from other members of the community!  Not only do we need to urge that Gov. Hochul’s promises in her State of the State Address be acted on, but we really need more funding than she indicated to carry us through this crisis and rebuild.  Please consider signing, and encouraging others to sign,  the NYSUT letter here:  https://mac.nysut.org/action/695?1644503823#content_wrapper

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Talking Points:

  • The FTE funding method for community colleges is inadequate; it does not consider those operating costs that exist regardless of whether students are part-time or full-time.  Giving Community Colleges a set amount based on the number of FTE students enrolled short-changes them.
  • Any funding for community colleges that does consider enrollment numbers should look at 2018-2019, pre-Covid numbers as the calculation year for base aid.  This would drive an additional $6 million to NCC than Covid enrollment numbers would.
  • Ask legislators to recommit to the provisions of state education law, which require New York State to pay 40% of the operating costs of community colleges.  Remind them that for every $1 spent on SUNY, the state gets back $8 according to SUNY calculations.
  • Support the expansion of TAP to include part-time students.  This is a great proposal by Gov. Hochul that needs to be acted on.  Many of our students can not afford to be full-time students.
  • Ask the legislature to raise the income limit for TAP eligibility by $30,000.
  • Support Gov. Hochul’s commitment to increased state funding for childcare; we have childcare on campus; however, we need to raise salaries to hire and retain qualified staff. We need more funding.
  • Support hiring more full-time faculty; as noted in our Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, many of our programs need full-time faculty that we have been unable to hire.
  • Supporting more money for hiring mental health counselors. We need to lower the ratio of counselors to students; there is a burgeoning need among students, and we need to hire bilingual counselors.

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