1 Education Drive

Room F-3293 Garden City, New York 11530

Invitation to Participate with our Students in NYPIRG’s 2022 Higher Education Week

Dear Colleagues,

We have a great opportunity to participate with our students in NYPIRG’s Higher Education Week zoom meetings with members of the New York State legislature; they are scheduled from Feb. 16 through 18th. New York community colleges need more state funding, especially after the last decade of New York state disinvestment and the economic hardship caused by Covid for our students. Here are some Talking Points for your consideration. NYPIRG will also be supplying some talking points. If you can lend a half hour, it will greatly magnify our impact! To participate, fill out this RSVP link to join NYPIRG’s Higher Education Action Week, conta.cc/3r0Ai2g

Remember, if we don’t participate, our needs will not be heard.

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